Gospel Topic Essays

The Mormon Church has an interesting, controversial, deceiving, and even violent history. From the early days of the Church, certain facts were intentionally omitted or whitewashed in order to portray things in a more favorable light. In the Information Age, these facts have been brought to light for thousands of people from sources other than the Church by means of the Internet. In response, the church published a series of essays prudently and selectively addressing several of these topics. The essays are not well publicized or easily found. Whether from poor design and marketing or continued efforts to suppress these facts, the essays seem to have been buried deep in the Church’s website.The essays admit to many complexities in the church's history, but still, whitewash them with very selective quoting sources. Following the footnotes in each essay will lead to contradicting and even damning evidence of the church's claims. They seem to be hoping that no one finds them, and if they are found, no one reads them thouroughly. Find the collection of Gospel Topic Essays.

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