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Those who develop and maintain this website have not asked for money to develop and maintain the site. It is a labor of love. Learn more about our mission.


However, some readers have asked if they could help cover the cost of running the website. We will gladly accept any donations that will be used to pay for the yearly hosting of the website, domain name registrations, software upgrades, platform upgrades, etc. Donations received are used to keep the site running smoothly, continue to improve its content and appearance, keep it as up-to-date as possible, and share the content out to social media as makes sense.

Other Ways to Help

If any of our readers wish to contribute to the site with their talents instead of financially, let us know via theĀ contact page. We’d love help forming an official 503c non-profit organization, editing and writing content on the site, sharing posts on social media or anything else you can think of. Here are some simple things that can have an impact.

Contribute By Writing for the Blog

We are actively looking for contributors to add their own faith deconstruction story to the site as well as ideas and blog post content regarding shelf items and other topics related to Mormonism, the church, and the faith crisis experience (or the preferred awakening. During the crisis, it feels like a “dark night of the soul”, but on the other side, we realize the blessing it is. Register for an account and submit a post for review. The popular WordPress software powers this site and if you are familiar with the editor, contribute by writing a blog post. Let us know when you have something ready to review or even if you need ideas on writing topics. In general, just pick any shelf item or General Authority quote and dissect it. Be sure to include reference links and sources as much as you can. We’ll be happy to help with editing, finding sources, and creating graphics if you wish.

Share Stories

Share your favorite transition story or wasmormon profile from the site with your friends or family. Each profile includes links to share the profile via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or email. You can also copy the link to share their story. Some profiles have received a spotlight and will also have graphics included at the bottom of the story, feel free to download the images and share those as well. These can also be found in the wasmormon social media accounts for reposting.

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Another way to help is simply to link to wasmormon on your blog, website, or social media accounts. Preferably contribute your story and link directly to your wasmormon profile page. This helps drive traffic to our site, raises awareness of the site, and accomplishes the mission of destigmatizing doubt and promoting faith deconstruction in a positive light. Feel free to link to any specific posts or profiles on the site or use any images.

An example banner and suggested link you can include on your site or social media:

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