Samuel Was a Mormon, a Post-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Samuel grew up in the church doing all the Mormon things with his family. As an adult, he took the opportunity to “do a deep dive into the doctrine.” He found out that what he was taught to be true, were in fact lies. Through this struggle, he faced anger and devastation, but with reflection he now owns his life’s direction and has realized that Mormonism didn’t need to define his identity. Thankfully, being a Mormon was never what defined him.

I grew up in a Mormon household, did all the Mormon things. I was a mormon.

I always tried to stay true to the beliefs, everybody has been told that the church is perfect but the people aren’t. I didn’t really do a deep dive into the doctrine until I was 21.

I found out a lot of what I thought to be true was all a lie, I was angry and devastated. I couldn’t really talk to anyone about my newfound knowledge, except for my best friend, my uncle and the awesome people of the Exmormon subreddit.

I struggled at first but after a lot of self reflection, advice from friends and family drama, I overcame my faith crisis and took my life into the direction I wanted to go.

I officially resigned from the church. I’m glad I did it. It’s made me the person I am today. Friends and certain family members (you know who you are) helped me more then they’ll ever know. They helped me realize that Mormonism didn’t define who I was.


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