Has your struggle improved since you left?

Practicing meditation has been my opening key:

a) times of stress: breathe it in, name it (fear, doubt, etc.), sit with it and not judge it and remember how it made me feel, then breathe it out and put it in a bubble, tell it politely that I no longer need it, and breathe it out.

b) every morning: I have a guided (and sometimes non) meditation that works well for me, about 10-min, it includes visualizing and feeling (as if it's already happened) what I want for the day. Our thoughts are energy, and our intentions manifest over time.


After I disclosed my faith transition, my struggle grew immensely more difficult as I sorted out all the difficult emotions that brought. It took about a year to feel stabilized and another year to settle into the new normal. It feels like each year is just getting better and better.


I no longer feel stressed by the shame and expectations. I have more to spend with people I love and topics I have interest in. My body feels better and I am immensely at peace. 

The hardest part is disappointing family and feeling misunderstood.  


So much! I found that my mental, social, and physical health all dramatically improved as soon as I made the decision to leave. I still have challenges, life doesn't just stop, but none of them are as catastrophic appearing or progress halting as when challenges would confront me while I was a mormon. My family is not supportive of this decision however, and we are still trying to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with this new dynamic.


Definitely, yes. I no longer feel like I have to uphold an image, and I no longer feel mentally torn apart.