Has your struggle improved since you left?

To be honest it really hasn’t been much of a struggle. The biggest struggle is making sure I keep my personal biases don’t color my search for truth.

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Definitely, yes. I no longer feel like I have to uphold an image, and I no longer feel mentally torn apart.

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My struggle has improved drastically. In fact I would not longer call it a struggle. I have began to dabble in philosophy which pretty much cleared up any doubts that I still had about my decision. I’ve discovered that, by using philosophy alone, any religious claim can be argued back into ambiguity where it belongs. I am the happiest I have ever been and it’s only getting better.

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After I disclosed my faith transition, my struggle grew immensely more difficult as I sorted out all the difficult emotions that brought. It also meant confronting my rape trauma, which because of religious shame, went untreated for nearly three decades. It took about a year to feel stabilized and another year to settle into the new normal. It feels like each year is just getting better and better.

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I’m at peace. The constant depression I felt trying to confirm and be perfect by Mormon standards is gone and I can actually function day to day. I’ve never thought I’d be at peace and happy in life and it’s not perfect, I still have bad days, but I don’t feel like a broken vessel anymore. 

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Yes and no. I hated myself a lot more back when I was mormon. I had many self-esteem issues thanks to my feelings of inadequacy when it came to spiritual matters. I've come to terms with the church's affect on my formative years, and consider myself to be "post-mormon" now. I've learned to love myself, but the lack of a mormon "tribe" to be there and help out, combined with a rather small family has made an already lonely life harder, but I wouldn't take it back for anything.

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Yes, I have so much more peace and happiness and I can read about the church or the scriptures without constant cognitive dissonance.

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My struggle with depression and anxiety is so much more manageable now that I'm no longer a member.

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The church has always made me feel extremely anxious and paranoid, but now that I've realized it's a scam, I've began to recover from these feelings. The church taught me to suppress who I am, but now I'm learning to really love myself. So yes, leaving the church has greatly improved my struggle.

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I no longer feel stressed by the shame and expectations. I have more to spend with people I love and topics I have interest in. My body feels better and I am immensely at peace. 

The hardest part is disappointing family and feeling misunderstood.  

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So much! I found that my mental, social, and physical health all dramatically improved as soon as I made the decision to leave. I still have challenges, life doesn't just stop, but none of them are as catastrophic appearing or progress halting as when challenges would confront me while I was a mormon. My family is not supportive of this decision however, and we are still trying to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with this new dynamic.

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