Has your struggle improved since you left?

I no longer feel stressed by the shame and expectations. I have more to spend with people I love and topics I have interest in. My body feels better and I am immensely at peace. 

The hardest part is disappointing family and feeling misunderstood.  


No, because I have a good deal of religious trauma. It has been difficult to discover who am I outside of Mormonism and rebuild my entire world view and accept my losses.  

Yes, because the pain of the cognitive dissonance is gone and the longer I’m out, the easier it’s been to accept the hurt and move on. It has been unstable at times but absolutely worth it. 


So much! I found that my mental, social, and physical health all dramatically improved as soon as I made the decision to leave. I still have challenges, life doesn't just stop, but none of them are as catastrophic appearing or progress halting as when challenges would confront me while I was a mormon. My family is not supportive of this decision however, and we are still trying to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with this new dynamic.


Definitely, yes. I no longer feel like I have to uphold an image, and I no longer feel mentally torn apart.