Has your struggle improved since you left?

Yes.  It took deep introspection to understand why I joined Mormonism and why I stayed so long even after I knew it was horseshit.  There isn’t any “struggle” per se anymore - Mormonism is an outright lie, a fraud built on a foundation of deception.  The struggle I had when I was in the cult led me to the brink of despair and self-destruction.  Now that I’m free to believe what I want and live how I want to there isn’t a struggle anymore.  There’s freedom.

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It takes time to heal, but suffering is only what we hold onto.

Meditation has taught me to actually sit with, and be one with, all emotions. I no longer try and push things away. Life is contrast, that's how we learn.

I've also learned radical forgiveness, i.e. true empathy. I've learned to actually be grateful for the strong-sauce organized religion I experienced, as it was a good thing for me both from a structural standpoint when I was younger, and it's taught me the massive dangers of ignoring problems common to all manmade organizations. There is so much to learn from the nuance (but it's easier not to see).

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After I disclosed my faith transition, my struggle grew immensely more difficult as I sorted out all the difficult emotions that brought. It took about a year to feel stabilized and another year to settle into the new normal. It feels like each year is just getting better and better.

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Yes, I have so much more peace and happiness and I can read about the church or the scriptures without constant cognitive dissonance.

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My struggle with depression and anxiety is so much more manageable now that I'm no longer a member.

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Definitely, yes. I no longer feel like I have to uphold an image, and I no longer feel mentally torn apart.

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The church has always made me feel extremely anxious and paranoid, but now that I've realized it's a scam, I've began to recover from these feelings. The church taught me to suppress who I am, but now I'm learning to really love myself. So yes, leaving the church has greatly improved my struggle.

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I no longer feel stressed by the shame and expectations. I have more to spend with people I love and topics I have interest in. My body feels better and I am immensely at peace. 

The hardest part is disappointing family and feeling misunderstood.  

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So much! I found that my mental, social, and physical health all dramatically improved as soon as I made the decision to leave. I still have challenges, life doesn't just stop, but none of them are as catastrophic appearing or progress halting as when challenges would confront me while I was a mormon. My family is not supportive of this decision however, and we are still trying to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with this new dynamic.

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