What are your thoughts about leaving the church alone?

This question is very sensitive for me. Being a mormon was everything to me for 38 years. I was my entire identity. I had no identity outside of being a mormon. Everything I did was because of my religion. After deconstructing and learning the truth and lies about the church, I was devastated. Everything I thought I new and held as truth was in question. It has been immensely helpful for me to research and discuss and share about my experience with the church. The more I talk about my experience and what I've learned, the more I become content with who I now am and at peace with where I am at in my life. There's no way, at this time, I could "leave the church alone" because it was all I was for my entire life. It is possible that some day I won't feel the need to discuss mormonism or its effects on me, and I hope that day does come. But anyone who feels the need to discuss their issues with mormonism as part of their deconstruction has my full support.
Active members share constantly their testimonies on social media and even door-to-door, face-to-face. They don't worry about being offensive or off-putting in their declarations of truth. Those of us being just as verbal on the other side are trying to do the same as them - share our truth. They share was is meaningful and important to them - we are simply doing the same.


It's lonely. I'm also glad I did it. It's made me the person I am today.


The church caused me a great deal of harm and when I speak about that and am told to “leave it alone” it’s very dismissive and hurtful. There has been no “mourning with those who mourn” in this situation. I was left entirely on my own. The church is abusive and I will continue to speak up about it.

Despite leaving the faith, the church still feels very personal to me. I wish for the church to be what I hoped and believe it should be. I want it to be better. The church is so much a part of who I am I don't think I'll ever be able to leave it alone, but hopefully one day I won't care as much.


I was taught to share truth.

I served a mission to share truth.

What I thought was true, is not.

Now, I continue to share truth. The message is different, but it is the truth.

That's why I created this website, I needed to share my truth. Doubt and questions and leaving is so stigmatized I wanted to do something to tell my story and allow others to do the same. I found it cathartic to share my story, and processes some of the post mormon baggage I carry. That was a great weight lifted, it was a fruit of deconstruction and I desire all to receive it.

Evan Mullins