What do you feel or know about tithing?

Tithing's sole purpose is to get the tithe payer to be vested in the Corporation.

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I feel giving to people in need..not to an organization, is an honorable practice. It need not always be money. Maybe it's clothing, time, assistance, etc.

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The church took the law of tithing, turning it from a voluntary and temporary practice to being tied directly to your worthiness and salvation. Being required to pay 10% of your income to worship in the temple is a corrupt practice.

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I know it's a scam to further the wealth of the church corporation.

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Tithing is how the church is funded. My parents made the decision to not pay tithing, because they'd rather provide for my bother and me than pay into the church and rely on the church for help. I applaud that decision. However, it kept my parents out of the temple. It kept my father, a return missionary and life-long believer, from being in the room when my brother got set apart as a missionary. This hurt my father deeply, and my brother defended his bishop's decision. Not paying tithing is going to keep my parents from seeing my brother's wedding; he refuses to have two services. In my experience, tithing is a wedge used against families to either encourage conformity or cause exclusion.

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