Troy Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Story Spotlight

Troy was happy as a Mormon and sees Mormonism as part of Christianity. He saw extreme examples of leader worship that led him to see cult-like behavior in the church community. He’s not sure if it goes all the way to the top, but he saw enough to understand the church as being a corrupt institution. His strong connection with God, led him away from being a Mormon.

I was born and raised in the church. I served a mission in Everett, Washington. I married my wife in the Temple. I always felt I had a strong connection with God. I was a Mormon.

The Mormon church’s teachings are, and always have been, centered on the same Jesus Christ that we read about in the New Testament. I don’t know that the whole religion is a cult. But there are wards, families, and communities that have become cults within the religion.

Leader worship is a thing in the LDS church. I don’t necessarily think the higher ups promote it, but the culture of church members does. If a bishop or leader says something, whether factual or opinion, it is regarded as absolute doctrine.

My wife was raised to believe that her father was given the “gift if discernment”, and that he had the ability to know any persons true intentions and whether they were good or bad. All members of the family, extended family included, would always go to him to inquire about if significant others were worthy or not. He would claim visions. He and his wife would control my wifes life, and attempt to make all of her decisions, claiming they received revelation for her. We are conditioned to worship priesthood holders, and this leads to cult-like behavior.

After a series of events, my eyes were opened. I don’t care to speak about the doctrine of the church, because I don’t know how much I still believe. But what I do know is the LDS church is, and always has been, corrupt.


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