Sally Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Sally believed in real love and integrity, but no longer saw those values at church. What she found was a Corporate Mormon Jesus that was not living the Golden Rule or living the rules it subjects its own members to. She resigned because “although it’s easier to walk away, I don’t want my name associated with it. My name is all I have.” 

I was a mormon for 43 years. Now I’m not. Now I live my values with integrity. Stoic philosophy reminds me to have balance and fortitude. The courage to admit when I’m wrong. And it’s ok to not have all the answers.

The short answer why I left? Integrity. The church became something I no longer recognized. Jesus had been replaced by Corporate Mormon Jesus. It is not loving or forgiving, but most importantly, they are unrepentant. So I had to leave. A church that could not abide by the same rules its members are subject to cannot be God’s church. Not the God I believed in.

I was offended by the $150 BILLION hoard. Actually that came after I left, I was offended that my agency was taken from me. My ability to make informed decisions. That my family couldn’t see me be married. That I could not be trusted with any kind of authority or have expertise because I don’t have a penis.

I thought I believed in non-denominational Christianity, but once you’ve “seen the man behind the curtain”, you see him everywhere. I believe humans invented gods to explain what science couldn’t yet explain. Gods are used to control the masses. 

I have had, and continue to have, many profound moments in my life. Moments where I feel connected to something bigger than myself. Moments where I am in awe of the enormosity of the universe. I am amazed at all humans have accomplished, and continue to accomplish in spite of great odds.


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