Have you had any profound spiritual moments in your life?

Yes, before and after Mormonism. my friends of all faiths have had spiritual experiences in their walks. God loves us all equally, we call God by different names and have different traditions.

By releasing my views that spiritual experiences are only "still and small" and by expanding my spiritual practices (meditation), I've appreciated how diverse spiritual experiences can be!


Yes I have, both in and out of the church. One of the biggest spiritual experience I've ever had was when I was in college, before I had met my then husband. I was in my "rebellious" phase. I was just trying to experience everything I was forbidden to try when I was in my parents house. One night I had a very vivid dream. I still remember it and how I felt. The dream went as followed; I was sitting in a generic celestial room while I was going through my endowments for the first time. There was a group of people on the other side of the room that were being loud and obnoxious. I turned to my left and Jesus was sitting next to me and I asked him "why are you allowing these people in here when it's suppose to be my special day. Why aren't you stopping them?" He turned to me and said "my child, you do the same thing in my temples when you come in and you aren't worthy. Your spirit is creating loud noises for other. You need to stop what you're doing."

It felt real. Very real. I felt overwhelmed with the spirit while I was talking to Jesus. I felt like I touched him. I heard the people talking. I still feel like it was real today.


Yes several. On my mission I experienced an undeniable "stupor of thought" while trying to teach someone. Our lesson plan that night had been on the word of wisdom, but when we tried to teach it the words literally would not come. It was like something came over us and physically stopped the words from forming. My companion and I turned to each other and then started just talking with the woman about God's love.
There was another where I was in the celestial room in the temple and really wanted a spiritual experience. This was while I was in the MTC about to leave for the mission field. Again, it was like a presence guided me to thoughts of God's love and a realisation that I didn't need to see or hear anything dramatic to know what was important.