Meredith Was a Mormon, a Post-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Meredith’s story is one of resilience and self-discovery. Born into a seemingly ideal fourth-generation Mormon family in Louisiana, she faced the unraveling of her parent’s marriage and the shattered illusion of eternal togetherness. Despite being raised in a strict environment, Meredith found her voice at 16 and challenged her imposed beliefs. She broke free from the cycle, vowing not to force any views on her children. Embracing the world beyond Mormonism, Meredith discovered beauty and goodness in things she was taught to see as wrong. She advises others to research external sources and embrace the exploration of doubts. Through her journey, Meredith embodies strength, questioning, and the pursuit of a more authentic path.

I am a mother, wife & animal lover. I enjoy reading and a variety of podcasts. I was born a 4th generation Mormon in Louisiana. My father is a former bishop & stake president. I was a Mormon.

We were an active, ideal family. At least that was the appearance my father projected. Behind closed doors, my mother had many undiagnosed mental disorders. With no professional help, she broke & left the 5 of us with our father. I was 9 years old.

My parent’s divorce was the beginning of my doubts. My family would not be together forever. I continued going to church until I was 16. When I gained my voice & spoke out against going to church, it was used as a punishment. Anything I said or did that was unfaithful was reprimanded by attending meetings, youth functions or talking to the bishop.

I became a single, teenage mother. I knew that I would never force my opinions or beliefs on my children the way my father’s were forced on me.

I realized that there was a whole world outside of Mormonism. I saw the beauty & goodness in the very things I was taught were bad or wrong.

My advice? Research outside of church-approved sources. Do not doubt your doubts.


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