Fiona Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Meet Fiona, an inquisitive and rational thinker who couldn’t help but question the narratives presented to her. Her journey out of Mormonism was driven by a thirst for truth and a refusal to accept the gaslighting that sought to control her. As she delved into the historical and doctrinal aspects of Mormonism, Fiona found herself confronted with discrepancies and doubts that shook her to the core. Despite her initial involvement in the faith through marriage, she couldn’t ignore the inconsistencies and unsettling experiences, particularly during temple ordinances. Over the years, Fiona grappled with the cognitive dissonance of witnessing her loved one’s denial and deep indoctrination, all while passionately despising the lies perpetuated by the church. Finally, in 2024, her husband broke away from Mormonism thanks to some Mormon Stories Podcast episodes, a pivotal moment of liberation for them both. Fiona’s journey serves as a testament to the power of critical thinking and the resilience needed to break free from the grip of mind-controlling religious ideologies like Mormonism.

I’m naturally an investigative person who asks questions and needs to make logical connections regarding rational reasoning alongside any form of historical claims. I despise gaslighting and euphemistic language that controls people. I travelled down the appropriate rabbit holes… the rest is history… literally! I was, for a time, a Mormon.

2014: I married a Mormon, realizing relatively soon that there were events, issues and historical accounts that just didn’t add up. Including temple ordinances–the first Endowment session had me reeling with absolute doubt! I literally felt the evil.

2023: It’s been painful witnessing my TBM’s denials and deeply ingrained indoctrination, even despite the profound evidence, the programming is keeping him there. I absolutely despise the lies!!

2024: My husband has now broken away from Mormonism! I am super happy for him (and us). What did it? Despite many things, even evidence, that I brought forward over the years, it was the Mormon Stories episodes with Dr. Ritner that woke him up!

I believe Mormonism is one of the most damaging man-made, mind-controlling religious machines to ever enter mankind!


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