What did and do you feel about the Mormon Temple Ceremony?

That it was silly. Just like the Masonic stuff my father was involved in.

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Why can’t I wear clothes for this? Was one thought I had.  Touched by a stranger without verbal consent. Going into a ceremony without any preconceived idea of what I would agree to or do. Why do I have to veil my face is another, be separated from my husband, or so strange rituals and chants and handshakes. Promising to give myself to my husband while he receives me is indicative of polygamous eternity.  So many sexist messages and rituals that are identical to Masonic temple ceremony, copied almost word for word.

Even so, I will say my experiences overall in the temple were positive. The psychological relief of making it was great, after prepping my entire life since infancy to gain entrance and be in the know. I felt privileged to reach a goal that both pleased my parents and most people I knew, AND gave me security in my eternal welfare. While in the temple, if you can dissociate enough, there are great conditions to feel uplifted. I like stepping away from the outside world, meditating and being in a beautiful clean place uninterrupted. Especially in contrast to the bombarding frenzied state of church callings, meetings routines and responsibilities that are required the other percentage of the time spent outside of the temple. It was only after analyzing deeper the content of the temple that I realized it was a sham. 

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Cultish. I do not understand how anyone follows the church after that. Also, the original ceremony was very masonic -- JS joined the masons and introduced the first endowment ceremony a few months later. The ceremony has been watered down over the years to be less scary to members. The underlying meaning, however, is still there. True believing mormons: compare notes on the first endowment of friends or family of different ages. I am confident that your accounts of the endowment will be different. Also: check your celestial name against this list: fullerconsideration.com/…

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