What did and do you feel about the Mormon Temple Ceremony?

I loved the washing and anointing ceremony. I recall feeling loved and I liked the ritual of the body and mind being blessed.  I wasn’t touched inappropriately.  The rest of it is just a big ???

If all time and money dedicated to temple worship was spent on serving the living in local communities, the amount of good Mormons could do is incredible. Instead it’s wasted on the dead and I find that deplorable and unchristian. 


Cultish. I do not understand how anyone follows the church after that. Also, the original ceremony was very masonic -- JS joined the masons and introduced the first endowment ceremony a few months later. The ceremony has been watered down over the years to be less scary to members. The underlying meaning, however, is still there. True believing mormons: compare notes on the first endowment of friends or family of different ages. I am confident that your accounts of the endowment will be different. Also: check your celestial name against this list: https://www.fullerconsideration.com/templenameoracle.php