Jeff Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Jeff believed it all and served until he reached a tipping point where he found belief itself to be damaging. He stopped believing in anything and struggled through a mixed-faith marriage until he discovered “so much nastiness cluttering up nearly every aspect of the church” and sharing these issues with his wife, she joined him in leaving. He’s now happy and simply believes in being nice.

Raised in the church. Served a mission at 19. Married within months of my faithful return. I was a mormon.

I believed it all until I felt it damaging to believe.

I jumped straight past issues in the church and went full atheist. This caused close to a decade of contention with my then active wife. I started listening to podcasts on mixed faith marriages in an attempt to better understand my wife. This led to my discovery of so much nastiness cluttering up nearly every aspect of the church. It was only a few months of revealing these truths to my wife before she joined me in post Mormon happiness. 

Now I live for today. Life is too precious to waste time serving an unseen god. I believe in having fun and being nice.


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