How long was your struggle?

A struggle is a challenge that we retain within, replaying and revisiting. My struggle with leaving Mormonism has lasted acutely for about 18-months.

Releasing/detaching has been happening for me via meditation.

Positive intentionalizing, seeing things as if they've already happened, having confidence in God and me, and law of attraction has been happening for me.


My first faith crisis happened at 22, I stopped fully believing around 32 and I officially left at 42. Two entire decades. 


The time between the debute of the PoX and me submitting my resignation was just shy of 4 years.


6 months. I snapped hard. It hurt and I am still going through periods of anger and frustration 1.5 years later. I am still tapped into Mormon news, podcasts, etc but I am considering cutting it all out for my sanity/progress.


I stared to question things a couple years prior to my faith crisis, but I shoved them down and suppressed them. I feel like everything I had suppressed surfaced at once, and I was out immediately. Transitioning out was fairly quick for me. 


I struggled most of my childhood, starting when I was learning about baptism. Over the years, my shelf got heavier and heavier until it finally broke. I struggled so much and I dealt with so much fear and anxiety. The struggle is worth it once you're out.

The initial struggle with nine months, from April 2015 to the end of December 2015. But even now, I struggle with many aspects of Mormonism, these years later. I still stay abreast of the current policies and teachings, I'm following many post Mormonism podcasts, I am active in a number of different exmormon groups and forums, and I am in a mixed-faith marriage. So the struggle really isn't over, as much as it has just subsided.


Off and on for ten years or more. I put lots on my shelf over the years.

Spencer Warner