Gen Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Gen grew up as a military brat with strict Mormon parents and experienced various forms of abuse during her childhood. She also suffered the devastating loss of her brother, who was her best friend, and sees Mormon beliefs as a contributing factor. After leaving the church, she is now focusing on healing and discovering her authentic self, and feels more hopeful than ever in her new life.

A seeker of the facts. Fascinated by anything paranormal. I recently left TSCC after not being able to stomach the homophobia, bigotry, bigamy, sexism, child abuse, personal trauma and outright damning lies. I was a Mormon.

I lost my only brother, my dearest friend (oldest sibling) from suicide, due to being diagnosed with AIDS a little over 3 years ago. I know that my parent’s beliefs were one of the direct causes of his death. I’ve felt let down and repulsed by TSCC for many years and now I’m trying to move past the disenchantment and grief of said years and money lost to TSCC.

Having left, I’ve felt more hopeful, less anxious and freer in these past 4 months than I ever did in the past 49 years of my life. I just wish I had left sooner. I plan on making whatever time left I have being my authentic self and finding happiness outside of TSCC.


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