Doc Wade Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Doc Wade, a retired Chiropractor and Country Music enthusiast, shares his faith transition story out of Mormonism. Born into the Mormon Church, he faithfully followed all the rituals and served a two-year mission. After a temple marriage and raising six sons, he faced challenges in his personal life, including a divorce after 25 years of marriage. Despite remarriage to another Mormon woman, he discovered that the common thread of “Mormon control” led to another divorce. Inactive and in search of truth, Doc Wade extensively researched Mormonism, leading to a revelation that prompted him to resign from the Church. Now enjoying freedom, he reflects on finding compatibility with an “ex-Mormon” partner who understands the pressures and deceptions of the Mormon Cult.

I am a retired Chiropractor. My hobby is entertaining people with Country Music. I was a Mormon.

Having been born into the Mormon Church, I naturally followed all of the rituals and jumped through all of the hoops required of me… like a good faithful Mormon boy. I served a two Mission, married a Mormon girl in the temple, raised 6 beautiful sons, and of course took numerous Church jobs.

I was a “country boy” living on an acreage, raising horses, and paying country music. I had married a “city girl” with no interest in horses, country music, and as it turned out….no interest in me. We divorced after 25 yrs. of marriage. I then met another Mormon lady who had also just gone through a divorce. She was a country girl, grew up on a farm, so surely we would be compatible if we got married….WRONG. We did get married but I soon found out that it was the common thread of “Mormon control” in both marriages that was the problem. I divorced again.

I became inactive… searching for the “truth” or “falsity” of Mormonism. I began searching the internet and libraries for books, periodicals, and diaries of research done on Mormonism. And WOW…..what an eye-opener that was.

I devoured all the information I could find and soon how the “truth can make you free.” I handed in my resignation to my Bishop and have been enjoying freedom ever since. I still believe I would like to find a nice “ex-mormon” girl to live with now that I am retired… someone who understands our past pressures and deceptions of the Mormon Cult.

Doc Wade

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