Baxter Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Baxter, a talented artist and trans man, reflects on his journey out of Mormonism with a commitment to authenticity and respect for diversity. Raised in the Mormon faith, Baxter initially found himself uninterested in church because there were other places he’d rather be on Sunday. However, as he delved into researching the problematic aspects of the church, particularly its involvement in shock therapy groups for gay individuals, he reached a turning point. Recognizing the inherent danger and hostility towards diversity within the institution, Baxter made the courageous decision to distance himself from a faith that demonizes and endorses violence against individuals based on their identity. His story underscores the challenging path to freedom, equality, and acceptance outside the confines of a restrictive religious environment.

I am a trans man, artist, cosplayer, and musical theater fan. I was a mormon.

I was raised mormon, never really was into it. At first, because I wanted to do other things on Sundays. Back then, I had no clue on what wrong stuff the church had done, or that I would be in actual legitimate danger every time I went.

I started researching all the messed up stuff the church did.

When I hit the shock therapy groups for gay people I just couldn’t be a part of it any longer.

I refuse to be part of a cult that demonizes, and endorses such violence against people just for being who they are.


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