Rodney Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Rodney collected issues onto his shelf while serving in his calling. Eventually, when looking into the origins of the Book of Mormon he found some answers which helped him answer everything on his shelf. The issues were all red flags he’d come across that he couldn’t figure out, but once you see the reality, the issues resolve and you can move on.

I love logic and reason. I love my family. I was a temple worker with multiple callings throughout local and stake levels. I was a mormon.

I was called to do research for the Stake, to be use as a supplement in Sunday School lessons. Because of the nature of the calling, I was brought into contact with the controversial issues of church history. It was at this time that I encountered the issues regarding The Book of Abraham, Joseph’s polygamy, the seer stone, The Book of Mormon anachronisms, etc. This is when I started building my shelf. It became a rather large shelf, and it wasn’t sagging, for one reason alone.

I couldn’t figure out how Joseph Smith came up with The Book of Mormon. The explanations I’d seen from “anti” sources, just didn’t cut it. I happened upon a video presentation by Chris Johnson, “How The Book of Mormon destroyed Mormonism”, where, in short, he demonstrates that Joseph Smith, Jr., certainly borrowed from a book of his time “The Late War”, in the creation of The Book of Mormon.

Bam!! No more shelf. What had been building for over 20 years, collapsed in 2 hours. I then knew precisely how Joseph Smith, Jr., fabricated The Book of Mormon.

I resigned from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in December of 2014. It was a difficult thing to do. I’ve been called absolutely horrible things by people who I thought were inalienable friends. I was wrong. And that shows how profound the Cult of Mormonism actually is.


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