Gretchen Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Gretchen spells out the insanity in what Joseph Smith did and got away with for a number of years. It does not compute that a prophet of God would do this, or that a good God would command a prophet to do this. Also, that we can’t talk about these problems or think critically about it as Mormons is a huge red flag.

“If a man professing to be a prophet came to my door and told me that an angel with a drawn sword told him he had to marry my 14 year old daughter and if she didn’t, she and our family would not be saved, I’d say…”Get the hell off my porch””

“I was left with the conundrum of either Joseph Smith is lying (most likely), or Joseph Smith was deceived, or Joseph Smith is telling the truth and God commanded it. But if the answer is that God commanded it (which is the LDS church claim) this isn’t the God that I believe in or want to believe in.”

“The more I studied actual Mormon history, the more I realized many events are not being fully taught or taught falsely in gospel doctrine classes.”

“The fact that LDS church history is messy has never been my main problem. It’s the fact that we don’t openly talk about or teach it, or allow members to come to their own conclusions about what was right and what was wrong after we’ve researched the facts. I can’t raise my hand in gospel doctrine and say, “I’ve studied this, I’ve prayed about it and I know that Joseph Smith’s polygamy wasn’t of God.” I can’t say what I actually think. This is a huge red flag. It means as an LDS member, I’m not allowed critical inquiry.”

“Not being allowed critical inquiry is the #1 sign of a cult.”


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