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In his quest to find himself, Zac realized he was done living for everyone else’s comfort. He really began to find himself and face his own sexuality. Finding the CES letter helped him open his eyes and see that he’d been conditioned his whole life and never allowed himself to think his own thoughts!

“I was Mormon through and through, I just had one secret. I am gay and was denying it from the age of 5. When I began expressing that to bishops and other leaders that is when I realized I was going to have a rocky road if I tried staying in the church. I did try for a while but then I did my research and I realized I was just doing it for everyone’s comfort. I was done living for everyone’s comfort. I had done that my whole life.”

“I always made sure I appeared the way I was taught to be, but deep down there was a piece of me I couldn’t put into words or thoughts. I was in denial of my sexuality and continued to listen to church teachings and I began to demonize myself. It was a struggle because I 100% believed the teachings I was conditioned to believe/know. I knew nothing else. I finally began blogging around the time I was supposed to go on a mission and that’s when I really began to find myself.”

“Later on I found the CES letter and that really opened my eyes and I realized I had just been conditioned my whole life. I hadn’t had my own thoughts or beliefs yet. I have finally begun finding myself.”


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