Ella Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Ella bravely considered the scary question. “What if the church isn’t true?” In the end, everything makes more sense once we consider that conclusion.

“I finally had the thought; What if it isn’t true? I’d read the gospel topics essays when they came out. I’d served a mission. I’d seen miracles and felt the gift of tongues. But suddenly I realized that nothing that I truly and completely believed was exclusive to the LDS church. I stepped back and started examining my faith from an objective perspective. What did I truly believe, and why? What did the church teach?

Eventually, I allowed myself to research historical problems with the church and interact with other former believers. In this community, I have found clarity, reason, love, support, and happiness. I feel free. I’m living the way that makes me happy, and in a way that allows me to love other people without judgment or ulterior motive.”


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