New Primary Song: Celestial Mothers

This new Celestial Mothers song is a topic that is sadly lacking, while there are many many songs for fathers, fatherhood, and Heavenly Father. This is based upon the LDS children’s song, Fathers.

Celestial Mothers |
Celestial Mothers

Celestial Mothers in Heaven, begat you and me
But rarely are they mentioned
As part of our heavenly family
Why does Church ignore them, is it just patriarchy?
Or do the Brethren foresee
That our Heavenly Mothers might
Just demand equality?
Do our Mothers not love us, and so do not answer prayers 
Or could they be just too busy
With God’s sexual affairs 
Heavenly Mothers have not received, thanks thus far 
We must appear ungrateful
And they must feel unloved
But we don’t know who they are 
I want to thank my Mother, and tell her, “I’m your son”
But with so many potential mothers
How do I know which one? 
I envy other religions, which only have the Father, Ghost, and Son
For them, the Trinity is one
And that’s how Smith first described it
In the Book of Mormon

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