Does a “Burning in Your Bosom” Outweigh Physical Evidence?

In an attempt to convince people that the lack of archeological, DNA, or linguistic evidence supporting the Book of Mormon is nothing to be concerned about, LDS Apostle M. Russell Ballard makes quite an interesting claim in this video.

Regarding archeological, DNA, and linguistic evidence, he says:

I don’t believe that’s how people will ever come to know whether or not the Book of Mormon is the word of God… You could have those [golden] plates. You could turn the pages. You could look at it. You could hold it. And you wouldn’t know any more after that experience whether or not the book is true than you would have before… Just pick it up and read it and pray about it, and you will come to know. Religious truth is always confirmed by what you feel.

M. Russell Ballard, LDS Apostle, Is there scientific proof authenticating the book of Mormon? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

This has been the Mormon church’s response to basically all of the abundant evidence which shows Joseph Smith was a con man, not a prophet. “Ignore the evidence. Only trust your feelings.” Mormon church leaders apparently expect church members to believe that Mormons are the only ones who get a warm feeling in their hearts when they pray to their chosen god, asking for confirmation that their chosen religion is true. They completely ignore the fact that people in other religions get warm feelings in their hearts that are EVERY BIT as strong as what Mormons feel.

In order to better understand why a warm feeling in your heart isn’t worth anything as evidence for the truth of the Mormon church’s claims, watch the video above or read other articles about why medical researchers have to test new drugs against placebos before concluding that the new drugs actually work. There is a huge amount of documented proof that when people want to believe something, their minds can cause very real and measurable changes to their bodies. Their brains release chemicals that can easily cause a “burning of the bosom”, and in fact, can affect the body in even more tangible ways.

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