Mark Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

The Gospel Topic Essays are damaging to testimonies in that they skirt around issues that we’ve always been taught to ignore. To be authentic the only route was for Mark to leave the church.

“I discovered the Gospel Topic Essays on the church website. They aren’t easy to find, and I found the content to brush over many important facts, and use apologetic language to skirt around some difficult errors in what I had always been taught was to be truth, and historical.”

“I could no longer sit next to my wife in sacrament meeting and listen to the rhetoric from people proclaiming their “knowledge” of the truthfulness of the church, when I now see clearly that it is a house of cards, built upon lies and deceit. I love so many of the people in my ward, but that wasn’t enough to keep me there. I had to be honest and authentic to the truth I now know!”


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