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Mormon church leaders council that research is not the answer, but that stance only works for so long. Once the floodgates of true information open, there’s no turning back. Lindsay found that once she had the information, the only conclusion that makes any sense. She has this poignant epiphany that the church simply isn’t true.

“The bishop told me to read my scriptures, pray and stay off the internet.”

“I did just that for the next year. I didn’t look at anything remotely “bad” on the internet. I started going to the temple every single week. Sometimes I would go multiple times in a week. I never felt anything. A full year of that.”

“At the end of that year I somehow came across the CES letter. I don’t even remember how. But it was over a weekend that we had a huge snow storm and they cancelled church. I started reading and couldn’t stop. I read the CES letter. I read FAIR Mormon’s response. I read the response to the response. I read the essays.”

“I will never forget the moment. I was outside shoveling snow, thinking about all these things swirling around in my head. And suddenly it just hit me. “It isn’t true.” I practically fell over. I couldn’t believe it. But that was the truth. I knew it. I KNEW it! The church isn’t true. Of course!!!! Of course it isn’t!!”


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