Autumn Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Autumn struggled with the church’s policy of exclusion in 2015 when considering her newly out brother. She could not reconcile denying companionship to so many others.

“My older brother came out to me as gay on my 19th birthday. Just a month later, the Church’s Policy of Exclusion, or the November Policy, was publicly revealed. The PoX made ZERO sense to me. Gay people are born gay; how could the Church lock them out of heaven because of the way they were born? I tried my best to justify the policy, telling myself that all gay people had to do was follow the doctrine, just like everyone else. However, I began to look at my now-husband and realize that this wonderful experience that so many people get to have is denied to gay people; LGBT members are required to choose companionship and being true to themselves, or choose damnation.”


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