Lucky was a Mormon | An Ex-Mormon Story Spotlight

Lucky was troubled with questions about the Mormon faith of her upbringing. She researched her questions and came to the conclusion that “Mormonism was not something that I could believe in.” She feels lucky that she left home and created her own life and is now loving the life she has and wouldn’t change it. She needed to live her truth!

I grew up in an active Mormon family. I now live with my wife and two kids, teach in a public school, and love the life I’ve created. I was a Mormon.

As a teen I had lots of questions about the church and did lots of searching. This was pre-internet, so I saved babysitting money to go to the local Christian Supply bookstore and Powells to buy books about Mormonism.

I thought and cried and prayed and grew to know that Mormonism was not something that I could believe in. When I was 18 I met with my bishop and asked for my name to be removed from the records. I told my parents after the fact.

I went to college and built a life for myself across the country.  I don’t think I could have done this if I stayed in my hometown. I feel a sense of loss about what Mormonism took from me as a child and a sense of loss for the relationships with family that are now more fragile. We love each other, but from a distance. Still, I wouldn’t change leaving the church. I needed to live my truth. 


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