Bart Was a Mormon, an Ex-Mormon Profile Spotlight

Bart was a long-time and deeply familiar member of the church. His family was in the church for 6 generations and he served in nearly all the callings in his 40 years of service. Finally, his shelf collapsed when he tried to make sense of the church’s truth claims. The truth claims don’t add up. His biggest issues were the DNA evidence against the historicity of the book of Mormon, issues with the translation of the book of Abraham, and finally the general behavior of church founder Joseph Smith. Once you put the pieces in place, Joseph truly must be seen as more a charlatan than a prophet.

I’m a 6th generation mormon, returned missionary, TBM for 40+ years. I was a mormon.

After serving in every ward & stake ecclesiastical position my shelf collapsed over the truth claims.

Why I left: DNA evidence, CES Letter, Book of Abraham hoax, and Joseph Smith being a charlatan. 


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