Robbie Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Robbie feels abandoned by God when leaders promise blessings and nothing happens. His only relief is found in accepting that there are only men playing god.

“I looked at my watch — they had started my disciplinary council at 7pm and it was now midnight. I went home to a cold dark house. Despite my unbelief, I followed the Stake President’s advice and over the next few days prayed for a confirmation as he had directed. I did so without cynicism. After all, this was perhaps my last chance to be obedient and for one more time – just trust. I was not bankrupt of the humility of believing that perhaps there was still the remotest possibility I might be wrong? An answer to such a prayer might be the means to perceive my own stupidity and deception, yet despite repeated attempts to supplicate God, nothing ever came.

They had not said that such a confirmation would ONLY come when I returned to full activity, or had fully repented. No, they had said absolutely nothing of such conditions, just go home and seek confirmation.

This little but important thing shows how very derelict the Mormon god is. If he really loved and cared about me – as they kept saying he did — why then did he fail me and fail to honor the Stake President? Such an amazing opportunity for God to shine with mercy and to respect 3 of His servant’s, who absolutely promised me an answer!

There was no failure, because there was no god of Mormonism – only men playing god.”


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