Joshua Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Joshua found that the mormon church didn’t actually behave very Christ-like. He suffered months of cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile correlated church history and factual church history. Finally had enough and to resolve the dissonance, had to conclude the church was not the place for him.

I’m a family man, a nerd, a technology evangelist, and a podcaster. I was a Mormon.

I invested countless hours serving in the church, working harder and harder at my career, in the community, in my home, all to be an example of the joy of being a Mormon.

I began to study the life of Christ to learn how to be better. As I did that, I began to see inconsistencies with how the LDS church was behaving.

After months of cognitive dissonance between the correlated curriculum and the recorded history of Mormonism as recorded in its own archives, I was done.

The answers to those questions led me to leave Mormonism, a decision that I don’t regret.


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