Becca Was a Mormon, an Exmormon Profile Spotlight

Becca says after finding the gospel topics essays, her testimony hit an iceberg and sank like the titanic. That’s another way of saying her shelf broke or she deconstructed her faith.

I enjoy crafting, cosplaying, and exploring. My favorite place to be is the beach. I am a domestic violence survivor. I was a Mormon.

After my third failed attempt at an “eternal marriage”, each one ending in abuse, and an unexpected anxiety attack in the temple, I started therapy and did some deep soul searching. I found the root of my problem was the sexism that existed in the Mormon church, both cultural and doctrinal.

I started to question things a couple years prior to my faith crisis, but I shoved them down and suppressed them. I feel like everything I had suppressed surfaced at once, and I was out immediately.

One of my feminists friends introduced me to the gospel topic essays, and my testimony hit an iceberg, and sunk like the titanic!


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