Church History Whack-a-mole

Come tell your own story. Don’t let other people or the church tell it for you. They have a narrative about you and why you left. By far, the narrative they tell is not the truth.

This is the story that is told currently, by an apostle of the church about those who choose to leave. He and his wife ridicule those who struggle and leave because of the many damaging church history issues that exist. They suggest that those who have doubts because of church history are insisting to play church history whack-a-mole! I’m more concerned that there are so many issues with church history that one can play whack-a-mole!

Watch the talk presented by the Renlunds where they ridicule those who struggle with the numerous difficult issues in church history.
Multiple and differing accounts of the first vision – shows to many that the experience was constructed as an afterthought to add weight to the church. The first vision was not used is missionary work or spoken of at church for the first few decades of the church!
The conferring of priesthood upon Joseph Smith is another complicated church history issue which gives people pause because it was not mentioned until years after it was supposed to have happened. There was no mention of the priesthood in the church until the Kirtland Bank fiasco and many members were leaving. There is evidence to suggest that the priesthood was thought up at the time to reinforce the authority of the church leaders after they had just lost so much of the members money.
One man, and multiple women… The big issue of church history drama, polygamy, or even polyandry. Hopefully this issue is not new to you, but Joseph Smith married a total of 33 women in his life, most of which didn’t know about each other (especially his first wife Emma didn’t know of many at all), many of these women were already married to other men and Joseph had sent them on a mission and married their wife while they were away, other still were young teenage girls of 14, 15 16 years old, some of which lived in the Smith home as maids or adopted children. Needless to say, none of this was public at the time and is the main reason he was slandered in the Nauvoo Expositor, and then felt the need to destroy the press and ended up in Carthage jail and killed by an angry mob.

These are a couple examples of issues one can play church history whack-a-mole… Another term for “putting it on your shelf”. These are issues that thousands if not millions of members struggle with! You are not alone in feeling the traumatic grief and surprise when you learn more about the issues. Messages like this demonize the critical thinker and those who are truth seekers.

Please, find a way to tell your own story so we can dispel the myths that are created and perpetuated by church leaders. This site is one such way to share your story. Start today:

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