Is there a Purpose?

Must there be a purpose to have a meaningful life? Some of us find purpose and meaning in a faith transition after navigating groundlessness of a faith crisis and stages of grief. Others still debate whether this purpose is objective or subjective to each of us. Can we have different purposes? Is there one universallyRead more

Finding Personal Meaning and Purpose in a Faith Transition

In a faith transition many face feelings of groundlessness akin to crisis level vertigo. They may feel that their life is completely falling apart; that nothing is what it seemed and they struggle to cope with such a huge shift. They face reprocessing every principle, every value and potentially every reason for every thing inRead more

What happened to

Do you remember the website? Members were pestered relentlessly to create a profile online to share their testimony and answer gospel questions. Everyone was encouraged to share their personal url on social media too! Here are some example profiles: Some profiles even backfired and brave disaffected members posted what they actually thought, until theRead more

Mormons and the NAACP – Blacks and the Priesthood

The church has made much self-congratulation self-promotion PR regarding their new relationship with the NAACP in the past couple years. They are speaking words of unity and shared vision, which is great, but there is a backstory. The Backstory of Blacks and the church The race relations between the church and blacks is very troubling.Read more

The Tithing … Ellipsis

Punctuation Lesson An ellipsis (…) is used to omit unnecessary detail from a quote. It usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning. (It also functions to indicate that the speaker has trailed off and left a sentence or thought unfinished. Like here…Read more

Site update

Just two months since launching the website and there are now nearly 30 profiles telling their story! Amazing to give voice to so many and as we each share our story, collectively they are stronger. The site itself has had a lot of new functionality and updates as well, here is a quick list ofRead more

LOVE: John Lennon vs Russell M Nelson

All You Need Is Love President Nelson gave a talk at General Conference April 2019. He called out some popular ideas and songs as false hope. He doesn’t believe Love will get us anywhere it seems. Many know the song, but it doesn’t mean what President Nelson thinks it means… The Beatles’ iconic song fromRead more

Press Release

CALLING ALL POST MORMONS Why should such a site exist? MARCH 14, 2019 — Visit for real stories of mormon faith crisis and to contribute your own! This new website is a collection of these stories because each transitioning mormon has an important and interesting story. Browse profiles and real individual’s answers to hardRead more