Truth Behind The Book Of Mormon Stories

Based upon the song, Book of Mormon Stories. Numbers in parentheses indicate gestures performed at that point in the song.  Gestures are listed following the lyrics.

Here’s the tune (so you can sing along):

Book of Mormon Stories – Children’s Songbook 118
Revisiting Book of Mormon Stories that my teacher told to me.
Book of Mormon  (1) stories that my teacher told to me
Were about the Lamanites (2), but lack historicity
Long ago the Jews (3) never sailed across the sea (4)     
Native Americans (2) are not Israelis (3)                          
The Amerindian people (2) came across the Bering Strait (5)
DNA (6) has proven this; there is no more debate
Book of Mormon  (1) concepts are two centuries (7) out-of-date
Smith’s “divine” (8) revelation (9) was certainly second (7) rate
In the Book of Mormon  (1), Smith repeated the premise
That white men are exceptional (10), all others are a menace (11)
So the only way to explain the archeological sites (12)
Was if Amerindians (2) were originally white (10)
According to Prophet Smith, dark skin was caused by sin (11)
But through Smith’s new religion, it could be white (10) again
No matter what you say or how you rephrase it
The Book of Mormon  (1) is basically racist
None of the great battles (13) in the BOM  (1) occurred
Thousands did not die fighting for some sacred word (9)
None of the ancient cities have yet to be found (12)
And this lack of evidence is certainly profound (14)
No one in the Book of Mormon  (1) ever did exist
From Abinadi through Moroni even to Zeniff
Where Mormon stories did occur is open for dispute (15)
Rather than giving answers, the Church is mute (16)
Book of Mormon  (1) stories are just religious fiction
Even if taught with a faithful conviction (17)
Why would Christ (18) visit with his salvation news
If ancient America had no Jews (3)
Church is slowly changing what is in the BOM (1)
Just compare a new and old Book of Mormon  (1) version
If the change is slow enough, no one will be aware
Then Church will claim those things were never really there (19)

  1. Hold your hands next to each other with palms up in front of you as though holding a book.
  2. Place left hand high to the back of the head and extend index and middle fingers upwards, representing feathers. Raise right hand upward with palm outward as though saying “How”.
  3. Place your left-hand flat on the top back of your head, representing a yarmulke, and your right hand in front of your crotch, with index and middle fingers making a scissor-like motion indicating circumcision.
  4. With your right-hand palm down in front of your chest move your hand from left to right waving your hand up and down to represent waves.
  5. Hug yourself and shiver to indicate cold.
  6. Place both hands at waist level. Extend the index finger of the right hand and point downward. Extend the index finger of the left hand and point upwards.  Position your hands so that the tips of the index fingers are touching.  Begin moving right-hand clockwise so that the index inscribes a circle.  Simultaneously move the left hand counterclockwise to inscribe a similar circle.  Slowly raise both arms upwards.  By so doing, one describes the shape of a double helix of a DNA molecule.
  7. Raise your right fist and then consecutively extend your thumb and then index finger, indicating the number 2.
  8. Make “air quotes”.
  9. Stand straight, fold your arms across your chest, and look upwards with a beatific smile.
  10. Place hands on your hips, push your chest outward, and stand straight with your chin inclined upwards.
  11. Slouch, stand stoop-shouldered, and look down with an evil grin.
  12. With an imaginary shovel begin digging.
  13. Act as though shooting an arrow or throwing a spear.
  14. Close your right hand into a fist and place it under your chin and then bend your head down so as to resemble the Auguste Rodin sculpture, The Thinker.
  15. Shrug and grimace.
  16. Place your right index finger over your closed lips.
  17. Arms folded across your lower chest,  head bent down with eyes closed as though you are praying.
  18. Assume the pose of The Christus.
  19. Shake your head from side to side indicating the negative.

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