Faith Transition Parallels from Smallfoot the movie

Smallfoot is a story (find the book here) about Migo, a yeti who lives in a “perfect” community. He is very happy and has no issues with anything! He loves it! They have families and leaders and of course laws. The laws are written in stone. They don’t change and they make sense… that is, until they don’t. There is a law that there is no such thing as a “smallfoot” (smallfoot being a human, from the perspective of a yeti), but Migo sees a smallfoot! He is excited to share the discovery with the town. But then the stonekeeper (leader) refuses to allow anyone to believe what he saw and exiles him!

It is quite a familiar and relevant position to a questioning member of the church. There were many parallels and even moments where it felt like it must be talking about my own faith transition. For example, when the stonekeeper (as leader of the community) is telling Migo that even if there are lies in the community rules, that they are for the community’s own good. “Lies, but good lies.”

The movie is entertaining and worth a watch, with great faith transition related music as well! Here’s the trailer:

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Tell your story! What was your smallfoot? This whole site exists as a platform for you to tell your story, join the others who have contributed something to be heard and normalize the faith crisis many experience.

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