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This site is mainly a repository of mormon faith transition stories. Check out the was mormon profiles. Telling your own story is welcome too, consider joining and telling your own story too!

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Last week I had an inspiration from the fact that the old mormon.org website was redirecting to a new domain. Plus, I was working through writing my own exit story to help me process all the deep emotions involved in a personal faith transition. I combined the fact that I was perturbed that my old profile was no longer available and the new one I was writing and thought there should be a new site with the same type of profiles, but for honest and open stories. It had always bothered me that the old site was so sterilized and censored.

the original mormon.org website (no longer online #victoryforsatan)

So, this all combined into a site to not only house my own story, but to provide a platform for anyone that wanted to share theirs as well. It would be a new mormon.org, and I saw that wasmormon.org was available, so I nabbed it because I liked the play on words; the intended audience is anyone that was mormon. I spent any spare time that week building out a simple site that allowed registration and contributions, as well as listing the stories, and then I deployed the site to a live server and shared it to a few friends!

The site had over a thousand visitors in the first week, dozens of registrations. Plus, it went from a single profile to 13!

It’s amazing to go from idea to fruition and actually engage users to contribute content in such a quick time frame. Just 2 weeks ago none of this was here, but now it’s a budding community. The site must be filling a need people have to speak their truth and share their story. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute.

Thank again for reading!

Don’t forget the best part of this site is the mormon faith transition stories.

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