Site update

Just two months since launching the website and there are now nearly 30 profiles telling their story! Amazing to give voice to so many and as we each share our story, collectively they are stronger.

The site itself has had a lot of new functionality and updates as well, here is a quick list of updates:

  • Users can now manage their own url.
  • Profiles can include mormon spectrum labels.
  • Users can submit their own questions/topics when filling out their profile.
  • Users may include a link to their reddit profile along with other social media accounts.
  • Each question or topic has its own page on the site to display an aggregation of all users who have included it on their profile.
  • The profiles are listed in order of last update, so if you return to edit your profile it will display at the top of the list.
  • The site now has a blog with thoughts and commentary on church leader quotes and other topics related to faith transition. If you would like to contribute to the blog either publicly or anonymously, contact us.
  • Recent profiles are listed on the blog posts.
  • Many other updates to improve site performance.
  • A new facebook page and twitter account for the site.

To all who have added a profile, thank you for your contributions, this site would be nothing without your stories. To others, join in and have your voice heard too.

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