Did you want to sin? Is that why you left?

Silly question I think, I had been drinking coffee throughout my time in the church because it has a therapeutic effect on my digestive system.  I did that before I joined the church, I did it for 25 years in the church, and I do it to this day.

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I certainly wanted to enjoy a sexually fulfilling life, which in my unmarried state was forbidden by the church.  I remained true to my covenants until I didn’t believe those convents to be meaningful. I left because I didn’t find the truth, not because I wanted to sin.

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The only sin I commit is not to attend church. I do not drink, smoke or do drugs, I do not commit adultery or any type of fornication. I keep the Sabbath day Holy by serving my fellow humans not by attending church.

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No. The "sins" I have done since leaving the church are minor and laughable (i.e. drinking coffee) all of which I could easily give up if I knew the church was true.

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No. I wanted to have a healthy relationship with myself, my spouse, and my kids. The teachings of the church ate away at my self-image and any feelings of self-worth I might have had.

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I lost my faith without intending to. The question of my belief arose at a time when I was actively attending church and did not intend on breaking chastity rules due to my sexuality. My morals were originally taught by my parents, and even now that I've left I still have no interest in many of those behaviors.

I've tried a few things. I've liked some, disliked others. And I'm confident that I haven't harmed anyone in the process. And now I have my own experience instead of having to rely on others.

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No. My fiancé & I have been together for 4+ years & believe it or not, we’ve never had sex (none of that soaking nonsense either)! And we aren’t going to until we get married, because even though I no longer believe in the church the way it is, I made a promise & I personally see value in that promise. Besides, the wedding isn’t that far away.

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This accusation cracks me up. I give extensively of my time and money to charities and youth organizations.  I became vegetarian 5 years ago. I probably obey the Word of Wisdom better than most active members and I adore my wife and would never consider stepping out on her. I’ve asked some members what sin they think I wanted to commit and all they could say was that doubt itself is a sin. 

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Part of my experience with leaving the church is finding out what kind of person I really am and what kinds of things I really want to partake in. Alcohol, drugs, sex, tattoos, etc - all those things the church count as "sins". Some things I have tried, some I have not yet had a desire to. I am learning, for the first time in my life, at 40 years old, what kind of "sins" I like to partake in and which I don't care for. Its liberating and exciting and has made me a more understanding, patient, kind human being.

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I haven't really "sinned" much since I left. I tried coffee and think it's gross. Tea's alright. Tank tops are like the most immodest thing I wear. I don't smoke or drink. I'm as faithful as ever to my husband. I just came to feel that the Church was incongruent with the God of my understanding.

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I think this is the most silly question of all. Why would any mature adult WANT to sin?

If you define "sin" as drinking coffee, then that may be a different matter. But I did not leave the church to drink coffee. Again, that is infantile. I left because I was betrayed by liars who told me the temple was of God and led me to believe what went on there was true and lovely and beautiful. And that I was helping others progress eternally. But I wasn't.

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I intentionally waited to officially resign before trying coffee, alcohol or otherwise identifying as not Mormon. I take my vows very seriously and even if some believe they’re arbitrary, I spent so much time making these promises that it only felt fair to remove myself formally from the contract out of respect for the time I spent believing it. 

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