Did you want to sin? Is that why you left?

I certainly wanted to enjoy a sexually fulfilling life, which in my unmarried state was forbidden by the church.  I remained true to my covenants until I didn’t believe those convents to be meaningful. I left because I didn’t find the truth, not because I wanted to sin.


I intentionally waited to officially resign before trying coffee, alcohol or otherwise identifying as not Mormon. I take my vows very seriously and even if some believe they’re arbitrary, I spent so much time making these promises that it only felt fair to remove myself formally from the contract out of respect for the time I spent believing it. 


I haven't really "sinned" much since I left. I tried coffee and think it's gross. Tea's alright. Tank tops are like the most immodest thing I wear. I don't smoke or drink. I'm as faithful as ever to my husband. I just came to feel that the Church was incongruent with the God of my understanding.


This accusation cracks me up. I give extensively of my time and money to charities and youth organizations.  I became vegetarian 5 years ago. I probably obey the Word of Wisdom better than most active members and I adore my wife and would never consider stepping out on her. I’ve asked some members what sin they think I wanted to commit and all they could say was that doubt itself is a sin.