Has the church been dishonest with its own history?

Absolutely. I was never taught most of the truth and lies instead.

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I am extremely well read in LDS doctrine, orthodoxy, and official Church history.   And I am now, from thousands of hours of study, well versed in the alternative versions of LDS history and the evolution of LDS doctrine.   The current LDS narratives are highly currated and filtered to promote faith and adherence.   For me, it is impossible to reconcile what is propped up with what actually transpired.  But I understand most of it in terms of the deep needs of the tribe.   Every human group requires “hero stories” to create a binding adhesion and identity; the Brighamite branch of Mormonism has done this very well.   But there are deep problems with the narratives, and I see the Church being somewhat forced to open itself to a more revealing narrative, over time. 

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Yes I believe so. I feel as though I have been lied to for 25 years.

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