Are Mormons Christian?

Yes and no. Many individual mormons are living good lives that mirror Christian discipleship. But the doctrine of the LDS church is outside the orthodox tradition of Christianity, and the differences are significant.

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For me, this almost seems like an absurd question, now; like, “am I human?”.   As if each version of religion claims “king of the hill” or “we have more truth than you”.     Are Mormons Catholic?  No.   Are Mormons Baptists?   No.   But if Jesus were alive, today, he would likely find the entire effort to appropriate his teachings into an institutional framework laughable.

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No. Mormonism, LDS, TSCC, TCOJCOLDS, or whatever the title, is a fraudulent rip-off and perverted imposter of orthodox (small "o") Christian ideas, practice and history.

When viewed academically, Christianity is categorized as one of the three great Abrahamic mono-theistic religions. However, inside its veiled theology, that is not admitted to publicly, moronism certainly must be categorized as a polytheistic religion - a religion with multiple gods. Therefore, Mormonism does not even fit within the basic definition of an Abrahamic religion.

In its practice, morality and social structure, Mormonism holds to opposites of Christianity. Instead of grace and forgiveness, Mormonism offers a system of shame. Instead of freedom, Mormonism offers the chains of rules upon rules and ever changing rules that a necessary for CK entrance, some of which are actually emotionally and relationally harmful, and for which complete attainment is beyond any human. Instead of knowledge of irrevocable salvation, Mormonism offers only that one must always question if they have done enough and they might make a mis-step that will forever condemn themselves and their families to separation from the CK.

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Yes, they are. Most are very Christ centered in their beliefs.

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Yes, I think Mormons are Christian. They sincerely believe in Christ. They are baptized in Christs name. I just pray one day they can themselves come to find truth without these temples ordinances and open the temples to being just additional places of worship and gathering. Oh and ordain women too. 

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Well, they believe in Christ as the literal son of the Abrahamic God, that he took upon himself the sins of the world and that through him, humankind is saved. But Mormons believe that it is a combination of both works and grace that is required for salvation, that you have ordinances and required behavior that you must adhere to in order to partake of the grace of Christ (not a Biblical Scholar or expert in Christianity, but it is my understanding that there are some other smaller Christian denominations in other parts of the world that also believe that both works and grace are required for salvation). American mainstream Christians believe that it is grace alone that that is required, that as long as you accept Jesus Christ, then you will be saved, and that belief that works are also required is an abomination. So by the standards of mainstream American Christianity, no, Mormons are not Christians.

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Yes, the Mormon church’s teachings are, and always have been, centered on the same Jesus Christ that we read about in the New Testament 

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This is hard. If you define a Christian as someone who (more or less) follows the teachings of Jesus, then yes. If you define it as someone who lives the teachings of Jesus, then no.

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Depends who you ask. 

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Yes, as much as the average modern "Christian" religion is. Members teach about Christ and believe that he died for their sins. Most try to live the way he taught.

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In so far as they believe in Jesus Christ. Individual members are. The Church itself? No.

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In a way. The prophets/leaders get in the way of that. They say things like, " the first law of heaven is obedience" when Jesus taught that the great commandment was to love God and one's neighbor. Primary children chant "Follow the Prophet" and adults sing "Praise to the Man"

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Yes, it's in the name.

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