Press Release – Calling All Post-Mormons To Tell Your Story


Why should such a site exist?

MARCH 14, 2019 — Visit for real stories of Mormon faith crisis and to contribute your own! This new website is a collection of these stories because each transitioning Mormon has an important and interesting story. Browse profiles and real individual’s answers to hard questions about the church. Participate and share your feelings, beliefs and experiences within the community and doctrine of Mormonism by creating your own profile and telling your story. It’s easy: register, optionally upload a photo and then write a little about yourself and your journey.

Remember the original website that told personal stories (albeit whitewashed and censored versions). In contrast, this site provides a platform to share bold and honest stories of those who have left. As prominent podcaster, Bill Reel proclaims: we ”each have a right to your story and I believe you have a right to tell your story. And more importantly, you have a right to not have others tell your story inaccurately. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were 100,000 post-Mormon profiles on here?” Each story can help faithful Mormons understand their friends and family who have left, while also helping give those who have left a voice in the community.

  • Telling your own story is therapeutic
  • Learning about others teaches you compassion
  • Be part of correcting the harmful stigma around doubt in Mormon culture

Add your own story to the repository – invite your followers, readers, listeners, friends, and family to read it and do the same!

About – Our mission is to destigmatize doubt and those who leave the Mormon church by providing a platform for all to tell their own story and promoting post-Mormons as “normal”.
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