Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true?

No, and I truthfully never did. I wanted it to be true because I wanted the church to be true, but it was always a hoax.

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No. It can inspire elevated emotions in those that already want to believe or already believe it’s true. It sounds poetic in places. But it is not a historical record of ancient Jews that built boats and travelled to America. It is not historical at all. It is the work of a skilled story teller both plagiarizing  an inspired by a number of sources available in his time.

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No not in the sense that it was a historical record. But I believe it has true principles in it (i.e. love God, take care of others, etc.) and who know maybe God even inspired some of it. But ultimately, I have good reason to believe it's a work of fiction

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As in an accurate representation of events? I don't think so. I thought the book was intended to be symbolic.

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I used to believe in its truthfulness; I had a grandfather who revered the book and taught me to love it, too. It was hard to admit, but it is a racist book, and the part it played in furthering the genocide and cultural dismantling of Native Americans and First Nations makes it untrue and, even worse, makes it a heinous part of a hateful religion.

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I do not believe the Scriptures are the literal Word of God or even a historical record. Their purpose is to provide a basic knowledge of God and to help us feel the Spirit. There are many Scriptures including the Bible, Book of Mormon, Qur'an, Tripitaka, Gita, Torah, Guru Granth Sahib and others. They teach the basics, Love God and Love your Neighbour.

Good enough for me.

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