Is Mormon doctrine racist?

Yes. Go ahead, try to say the "skin turning black" thing was a metaphor. It still means dark = bad

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The church tends to swap the word doctrine with policy when they have to defend things like a racist history. 
The thing is that that doctrine or policy is still being pushed out by the same people. Mormon prophets and apostles set the tone, and they have never apologized for the blatant racism.
Yes Mormon doctrine is racist, and will remain so until a prophet stands up in front of the church and says “we were wrong for teaching racist doctrine. We take ownership and apologize for it.”

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It depends who you talk to at this point. Nuanced mormons or people who don't understand the doctrine they claim to believe will tell you the church loves everyone. They'll usually cite the verse that says God is no respector of persons without mentioning that the same book teaches a number of white supremacist principles (including that dark-skinned people are dark-skinned because they or their ancestors have been evil).

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