Can you describe the type of faith you had prior to your loss of faith?

I had more a curiosity than faith. I never cared if the Book of Mormon was true. I only cared if the experience was an enriching,charitable, and community building experience.These people spoke of building heaven on earth and I wanted in.

I felt I was being pressured to accept things I found unconscionable, for example the treatment of gay people.

Just no.

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I went along to get along. I believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon but had no historical background and just believed what I was told. I pushed limits and poo-pooed rules that I knew were man made but still obeyed. I took out my second and third piercing and didn't get the tattoo I wanted so badly in the 90's. I was too busy to do anything but routine given to me.

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I had blind, trusting faith. I was taught the Prophet was unfalible. I was taught that stake presidents and bishops were always inspired. I had faith of a child. I asked questions but was told so many times to "just stop". So I asked questions quietly, apologizing for my lack of faith.

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