You’re not Mormon anymore. Why? What’s your relationship with faith now?

Being a Mormon caused me to see the world with an "us vs them" mentality. If your weren't Mormon then that was fixable. I was fed the idea that you needed to be a missionary and work towards spreading the word of god to everyone. However, to me the word of God is love. Having this us vs them way of thinking creates judgement and disconnect. I have been able to see myself as an equal. I used to see myself as better then. It was easy to push other peoples problems off because their problems seemed unholy in the eyes of the LDS church. My faith is love and self discovery.


I don't believe in God or any gods, not until evidence can be produced. The burden of evidence is on the believer. I understand that faith can play a positive role in peoples' lives, so I am indifferent to individiuals who practice religion. However, I am against organizations who claim moral authority and do immoral things. Having been involved in the church woke me up and made me realize how common this problem is. People believe in the supernatural, and that's okay. It's people that take advantage of that that I have a problem with. Organized religion can be a source of good, but is too commonly a source of evil.