You’re not Mormon anymore. Why? What’s your relationship with faith now?

Addendum January 4, 2016 –
I have since walked three months in my shoes. I’d like to return and report that my heart has somewhat softened against the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as I began (for the 4th time) to explore my Jewish Herirage. I have since realized the Mormon church is not the enemy.

I began struggling back in October of 2016 right after I sent in my final resignation. Something kept nagging at me in the back of my mind. I eventually realized that Because my prior bishop during my divorce from my second husband, had turned his back on me, I turned my back on the church, and in doing so, I turned my back on my husband who passed away. I believe the “something nagging” may be due my sealing and strong connection with my husband, Joshua David Flanders (RIP).

I found myself “cut in half” with my resignation sent into the Church Office Building (COB) in Salt Lake. It felt like ripping away my love, my sealing and even my local place of marriage, which I still hold in high esteem. To this day, I still have the original wedding photo of the Mesa Temple taken on November 14, 2009 hanging in my kitchen by a piece of tape. I couldn’t remove it from its place if I wanted it.

I’m not sure where I fit in the LDS church. I still see myself as a bit of a widowed leper, but at least this time I’m not actively looking to get married as many young young women in the church are encouraged to do. I have since, in December of 2016, redacted my resignation to the Church of Jesus Christ by sending in another formal letter to the COB stating I believe I can find peace and harmony in both my Jewish and LDS heritages.

My current Bishop has offered me kind words, counseling and even access to food. He has been very kind through my rough journey.

Still a bit uncertain, I’m back at investigating the very church I was born into. One clue I’ve been given by my husband is to look into the divinity of the one the Ladder Day Saints call “Mashiach”.

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I'm not mormon because I don't believe in what the church teaches and feel that it has moral failings that a religious organization should make an effort to address. At this point, I lean more toward Druidry because the spirituality aspects and reverence for all natural things to be more inspirational than any lesson I learned in my time at church.

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I am an exmormon, here's my video:…

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Being a Mormon caused me to see the world with an "us vs them" mentality. If your weren't Mormon then that was fixable. I was fed the idea that you needed to be a missionary and work towards spreading the word of god to everyone. However, to me the word of God is love. Having this us vs them way of thinking creates judgement and disconnect. I have been able to see myself as an equal. I used to see myself as better then. It was easy to push other peoples problems off because their problems seemed unholy in the eyes of the LDS church. My faith is love and self discovery.

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I don't believe in God or any gods, not until evidence can be produced. The burden of evidence is on the believer. I understand that faith can play a positive role in peoples' lives, so I am indifferent to individiuals who practice religion. However, I am against organizations who claim moral authority and do immoral things. Having been involved in the church woke me up and made me realize how common this problem is. People believe in the supernatural, and that's okay. It's people that take advantage of that that I have a problem with. Organized religion can be a source of good, but is too commonly a source of evil.

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