Have you experienced gaslighting from the Mormon church?

It's common for family members to think you've gone astray and to say harmful things, but they're only reflecting their own insecurities. I had a former ward member reach out to me on Messanger and tell me, "I've never doubted the LDS church." I tried to put myself in his heart empathetically, and it seemed he was reassuring himself, because he told me he'd valued me as a brother and respected me as a thoughtful person.

Gaslighting is simply inward reflection. Our conscious doesn't distinguish between ourselves and others, as there's simply one'ness in the Universe -- so saying demeaning things about someone else, or gaslighting them and making them feel that what they're suggesting is so preposterous that they're the one gone astray -- is really just the self-reflection of fear. Fear is the source of gaslighting, and fear is not a good motivation (do it or face punishment). God is LOVE. God is Compassion. We are all one (regardless of religion, etc.).

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