What was transitioning out of Mormonism (or Orthodox Mormonism) like for you? What was most painful about it? What was most healing or joyful about the transition?

I feel I have been lied to and feel deeply betrayed and hurt by the church. I feel much of my life has been stolen from me. The church prevented me from living the life I wanted for myself and accepting the reality of that is painful. 

Confronting these emotions caused intense grief and anger. I had to mourn the loss of my former life and culture and my identity as a member. I felt awful knowing I disappointed my family and how my choices impact their belief system about the eternal family. I worried I will be judged and disrespected by the people I love.

Finally being able to release all the shame I was holding has been incredible. I had carried it for so long I didn’t realize how heavy it had become. 

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