What do you feel or know about the church's history/beliefs with race and the Priesthood?

Other churches had issues w/racism as well, but the LDS church still has not apologized. I'm impressed though that the Gospel Topics Essay does say (pulls up shy of apologizing) that the beliefs once taught (curse of Cain, curse of Ham, less worth pre-existence) are no longer doctrine or taught (they were taught by BY and other prophets and apostles -- those where the contemporary worldviews of the time).

I respect the Community of Christ, a restoration branch (Emma and many stayed behind in Nauvoo, mainly over the issue of polygamy), which gave blacks the right to have the priesthood in 1865, and gave women the right to have the priesthood in 1984, and all members (regardless of sexual orientation) the right in 2003.

In 1978 the LDS church was being threatened by the IRS, under authority of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, with their tax-exemption status. https://missedinsunday.com/category/memes/race/

Did God change his mind? Some church leaders (up thru the 1960s said the racial ban would never go away and was God's will). Or were there legal, financial, and social (BYU sports were getting boycotted) pressures to change?


This is an example of steering the boat. the mormon god is not racist and would never have kept men out of the priesthood based on their race. The leadership found that integration was inevitable, so they reversed the ban.