How did you feel and what did you experience as a result of your loss of faith?

I discarded and re-examined most of my most fundamental beliefs. I did not do this because I wanted to. It is a painful and laborious process to change one’s total worldview.

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After walking away, we are surprised to see that the world is not as decadent as the church told us. Even more of a surprise is that we are far from alone. We’ve met many Mormon seniors who have similar stories. There are far more EX-Mormons than believing Mormons, even where we live in the Salt Lake Valley. We have found a welcoming new community.

We have been traveling a lot and enjoying a much more abundant life, with real agency. Just being honest about everything has been a blessing and eliminating the monthly 10% tithe of our retirement income has too.
Now that we don’t have to be perfect, we can just be good. We are happier that way.

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