What parts of Mormonism were harmful to you?

Beyond the political stances (which should raise the ire of the IRS), the one part that harmed me professionally was from several local leaders.

At the time, I was working in home hospice during the AIDS crisis. Nearly all my patients were dying of HIV infection and AIDS. I was told by these LDS leaders that I should not be caring for these sinners because they had gained the appropriate punishment for their chosen lifestyle. Let me tell you, the horror of AIDS is that it does not LET you die until there is nothing left. I was appalled at them telling me to turn those patients away. It was during the time that Boyd KKK Packer encouraged parents to NOT let their LGBTQ children stay overnight in their homes as it could provide tacit approval of their lifestyle.

I loudly refused their "guidance," and told them where to put it (I was really mad). I was then told, "Your compassion will condemn you."

Let me repeat that, "Your compassion will condemn you," caring for the sick and dying.

I did call the Stake President a "fucking bastard" for saying that, and I think the "F" bomb curled his garments! I hope it did. I remembered those words each time when I was the only one with a patient when they drew their last breath, one of those happened to be a gay excommunicated LDS returned missionary. Nearly all those that died alone had been thrown out literally and figuratively by their families.

Is that the kind of church I would want to be a part of? This all happened before the story above, but I believe it put some of the first "cracks" in my shelf.